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Innovation promotes progress
Innovation promotes progress
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Innovation promotes progress

Bolon group is headquartered in spring, Colorado, the flower capital of the United States. Bolon company was founded in 1965. Since its establishment, the company has been based on the design and manufacture of industrial valves and actuators. Long term commitment to industrial automation researc...

Valve consultation

Products and solutions of fluid equipment with various specifications and styles can be customized on demand

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Engineering case

Has a certain scale of strength of instrument valves, control valves, control valves focus on one of the manufacturers


Reliable one stop fluid equipment product solution and quality valve manufacturer

Technical support

We have a large number of experienced technicians and complete production process

Innovation promotes progress
How to adjust the stroke of pneumatic actuator?

HeadlinesHow to adjust the stroke of pneumatic actuator?2021-1-6

Pneumatic actuator has the characteristics of simple design and compact struct