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How to deal with the vibration of electric actuator

Release time:2021-1-6      Number of hits:313

In the process of using the electric actuator, sometimes for some reasons, there will be oscillation phenomenon, and the oscillation frequency may be relatively high. In this oscillation state, it is easy to cause faults, such as magnetic amplifier. In addition, the electric actuator often continues to operate in the oscillation state, which will seriously affect the service life of the mechanism. Therefore, when the oscillation phenomenon occurs, it must be checked and eliminated to ensure the normal operation of the regulating system. Because there are many reasons that can cause the vibration of the electric actuator, it is necessary to analyze the causes of the vibration of the electric actuator according to the design and operation experience, and then put forward solutions to eliminate the fault.

1. The small loop of actuator valve position feedback oscillates, which may be due to the setting of magnetic amplifier is too sensitive, so that the small loop of actuator can not be stabilized, so the oscillation occurs. For the reason of this kind of vibration, as long as we adjust the magnetic amplifier to a suitable range according to the previous work experience, we can make the vibration disappear.

2. Sometimes the reason of the electric actuator oscillation is the system oscillation caused by the improper parameters of the regulation system. The parameters of the regulator are not suitable, which makes the resonance between the loops. At this time, it is necessary to reset the parameters, so that each loop should be kept in a stable range.

3. There is a gap between the gears, connecting rods and other parts in the electric actuator, which will also cause vibration. Vibration is a common fault phenomenon in the operation of the electric actuator. If you see it, you should timely analyze the cause of the fault and try to solve it, so as not to affect the performance of the electric actuator.