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Matters needing attention in modification and assembly of electric valve actuator

Release time:2021-1-6      Number of hits:275

There is no specific principle for the assembly method of electric valve actuator, but the motor for electric valve transformation should be horizontal, and the electric assembly machine cover should be horizontal or vertical upward, which is beneficial to lubrication, adjustment, maintenance and manual operation.

During the assembly, it is necessary to ensure the indoor space required by the actual operators to assemble the components; the radial gap between the teeth of the assembly and the gate valve is more than 1 ~ 2mm; the anchor bolt of the assembly and the gate valve should not be less than Grade 8; when it is used for the rising stem gate valve, whether the stem protrusion is consistent with the length of the stem sheath.

When the assembly is required, the hand wheel should be rotated for several turns to terminate when the gate valve is slightly opened; during assembly and adjustment, the raised face, hydraulic seal and explosion-proof surface of explosion-proof electrical assembly should not be damaged, and the explosion-proof surface should be coated with antirust agent, and the cover of electrical assembly should be tightly covered to prevent water or moisture from entering.

It is not allowed to collide with the hard block; the electric valve is transformed into a short-time task system, and the re task time should not exceed the factory nameplate calibration time; when the gate valve is not often used, it should be operated regularly and practically, and it is suggested that it should be operated at least once a month, and the operation time should not exceed 10 minutes.