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Operation performance and advantages of electric explosion proof ball valve

Release time:2021-1-6      Number of hits:234

Electric explosion-proof ball valve is suitable for connecting or cutting off the medium flow of pipeline in vacuum system. The valve adopts rotary electric and electronic regulating valve driving device, which can realize the control of opening, closing or intermediate position of the valve through the switching of external power supply (controlled by manual switch or computer) or external input signal. The valve is straight through type and sealed by spherical surface, so it can be used in both vacuum state and low pressure state. It can be installed at any position. The suitable working medium is gas or liquid with acid or alkali.
Performance advantages of electric explosion-proof ball valve:

The electric explosion-proof ball valve has the advantages of stable performance, reliable sealing, small friction force, light switch, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, oil resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life, etc. the actuator adopts integrated design. The switch value can be adjusted directly by inputting the 220 V power supply, and the service module can also be built in. The operation can be controlled by inputting the control signal (4 ~ 20 ADC or 1 ~ 5 VDC) and single-phase power supply. The electric high temperature ball valve is widely used in petroleum, chemical, rubber, papermaking, pharmaceutical and other industries, applicable media: water, steam, heat transfer oil and acids, service temperature: ≤ 450 ℃