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All metal sealed butterfly valve (double flange)

Describe:Provide a wide range of two-way three eccentric butterfly valve, zero leakage. The low torque ensures easy operation, and the metal seat design allows it to be used in harsh environments. The seats and seals are replaceable and can be maintained online.

  • Diameter:DN50〜DN3000
  • Pressure: CLASS 150〜2500
  • Temperature:-196℃-+818℃
  • Texture of material:不锈钢/合金钢/双相不锈钢
  • Model:BOLON
  • Nature of manufacturer:美国·勃朗
  • Update time:2021-1-27
  • Visits:541
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Detailed introduction

K & W valve offers a wide range of bi-directional three eccentric butterfly valves with zero leakage. The low torque ensures easy operation, and the metal seat design allows it to be used in harsh environments. The seats and seals are replaceable and can be maintained online. K & W valve triple eccentric butterfly valve meets API 609 standard.  


Size: 2 ″~ 120 ″ (DN50 ~ dn3000)

Pressure class: ASME Class 150 ~ 2500

Main material: carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, duplex stainless steel

Terminal connection: RF

Operation mode: gear ﹣ pneumatic ﹣ electric ﹣ hydraulic

Class 150 to class 2500 rated valves


Metal seat

Bi directional closure

Zero leakage

Replaceable disc seal

Cost savings through intelligent design

Metal seat:

K & W MTM series valves are designed by torque seated

Metal to metal seal ensures zero leakage

MTM series valves do not need plugs in the closed position. The valve body is a natural plug of the sealing ring

Inherent fire protection by design

The disc cannot pass through the seat in the over travel position

Higher torque application results in greater sealing capacity

Less maintenance and lifetime cost savings

Better operability

Longer life

Operating speed

Lower torque is required than other valve designs, especially ball valves

Suitable for modulation applications


K & W MTM TOV valve series ensures fire safety through design

No soft parts will burn on fire

There is no change in valve performance before, during and after the fire

This means that zero leakage performance can be ensured before, during and after the fire

MTM series valves have successfully passed the fire safety test and meet the following requirements:

– API 607 (7th Edition)

 – BS EN12266-1:2003

 – ISO 10497 – 2010

Zero leakage:

"Zero leakage is defined as the ability to pass every test of all international standards with zero bubbles air and / or water."

All K & W valves have passed the zero leakage test successfully.

K & W produces 100% "true" zero leakage valve

Note: bubble seal is the most commonly misused term in the valve industry!

Comply with ANSI b16.104 cl.VI/API Air tightness of 598 / MSS sp61 refers to allowable leakage.

For example, for an 8-inch valve, 45 bubbles per minute are allowed; for a 24 inch valve, 400 bubbles per minute are allowed.

Intelligent design saves cost

Less maintenance and cost savings over life

Longer life

Compared with ball valve, it needs 80% less materials. For new and alternative projects, it has great potential to save cost


Typical applications:

Process fluid


Steam / geothermal steam

Hot gas / sour gas (NACE)

Oxygen, hydrogen

Blow down

Sulfur recovery

Acid, caustic, chloride

Abrasive service

Production scope:

ND 3″ – 160″ ANSI Cl。 one hundred and fifty

ND 3″ – 80″ ANSI Cl.300

ND 4“ – 80” ANSI Cl。 six hundred

ND 6“ – 48” ANSI Cl。 nine hundred

Nd 6 "– 24" ANSI body in ANSI CL. one thousand and five hundred

ANSI Cl。 2500 with ANSI cl.900 trim

Material Science:



Super Duplex



254 SMO

Wc6, wc9 alloy steel


Alloy 20

Aluminum bronze


Temperature limit:

From - 196 ° C (- 320 ° f) to + 818 ° C (+ 1600 ° f)

Pressure limit:

From full vacuum to + 450 bar (2200 psi)


NP 6-10 – 16 – 25 – 40 – 64 – 100

ANSI Cl。 150 – 300 – 600 – 900 – 1500 – 2500

Applicable standards:

Design: ANSI b16.34/asme VIII

Face to face: API / ISO / ANSI

Flange: ANSI / ISO / DIN / UNI / JIS

Test: zero leakage

Fire test: BS 6755 – API 607 4th Edition

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